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In 1990, Drs. Charlie Moore and George Weinstein of the West Virginia University Eye Center met with West Virginia Lion Joe Robertson and studied a joint project to provide statewide eye screening at public events and festivals throughout the state. The doctors designed the equipment and the tests to be conducted, and the Lions would operate the equipment.

A grant was written to the Benedium Foundation in the amount of $64,000 that would cover the cost of a mobile eye screening unit, plus the equipment that would be utilized by the Lions of West Virginia. The Lions clubs were also challenged to raise an additional $4,500 needed to complete the request.


Unit #1 was obtained and has traveled many thousands of miles testing literally hundreds of residents across the state of West Virginia. Because of the heavy demand on the use of Unit #1, it was believed that a second unit was needed. (NOTE: At the WVLSCF Meeting on March 27, 2011, it was reported that due to mechanical problems with Unit #1 and the amount of monies needed to repair the Unit, it was voted to remove Unit #1 from use immediately. Refer to Minutes of this meeting for additional information)

During Lions year 2001/02 a committee was appointed to study the need for a second unit. Much of the research had already been done by PID Fred Cole, and the committee relied on him for sound advice. To the best judgment of the committee, a Winnebago 2002 model was recommended to the Trustees and approval came at the 2002 Foundation meeting. Since that time, Unit #2 has been heavily utilized and has been scheduled at several successful screening events.


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